About the Founder

Agita Wijaya (she/her) is an Indonesian born immigrant who moved to Canada in 2010. She believes that well-fitting and high-quality lingerie plays a big part in how we treat and carry ourselves throughout the day. 

With Aurelia, she seeks to deliver a highly accessible lingerie shopping experience for all; to ensure that quality lingeries are a gift that anyone can have for themselves, or their loved ones.

Agita's fascination with lingerie started not too long ago. In fact, growing up in a conservative environment, lingerie was not something that she encountered in casual conversations, even among women.

All around her, she saw the women in her life purchase low-quality lingerie. Often sold by the dozen, these bras were exclusively black or nude, with little variation, and only bought in department stores or markets.

Needless to say, lingerie served a practical purpose. If the women in her life chose to wear something racy, it was exclusively for their husbands and not for themselves.

However, all of that changed shortly after she immigrated to Canada. As an immigrant, Agita had to adapt, work, and study. She had to learn a new language and experience life on a new continent, away from her home. These experiences taught her the value of a self care routine.

For Agita, self care doesn't mean bubble baths or lavish trips. Self care means showing herself a small act of kindness first thing in the morning: by wearing beautiful lingerie that fits well.

Well-fitting lingerie plays a big part in how she carries herself and expresses her individuality. It makes her stand taller and feel more confident. In a way it is a small luxury, a secret shared only with herself.


Agita realized that there were gaps in the lingerie shopping experience. She rarely saw anyone who looked like her in the shops. The models seemed to lack relatability or familiarity. In addition to the lack of representation, the experience of purchasing lingerie always left her feeling deflated.

For Agita, the options at the time were:

  • Average quality, sexy lingerie sold in malls, promoted by highly unrelatable models
  • Plain, boring lingerie styles sold in a grocery store
  • High-quality, supportive, beautiful lingerie that costs an arm and a leg, sold in exclusive boutiques which made her feel alienated and uncomfortable.

Agita knew there had to be a better way. A way that could make lingerie shopping more private, convenient, and affordable for everyone. 

That's when she started Aurelia. 

Starting a new business as a solo female entrepreneur during the pandemic brought a set of unique challenges for Agita. Global supply issues, delays, and pushbacks from big lingerie companies were just a few of the barriers she had to overcome to build Aurelia.

Even though Aurelia has expanded and has a few employees, Agita is still the heart and soul of the company 

She reads every Style Quiz, makes her selections from every brand partners, tests each sample, swaps and adds pieces into each box, and approves every single box before they are released for shipment.

This has resulted in the Aurelia we know today, with our excellent 5/5 Client Ratings.

To date, Aurelia has helped thousands of women from Canada to Australia to explore different lingerie options, find their perfect fit, and encourage them to practice self care by putting on a beautiful piece first thing in the morning. 


Interested in connecting with Agita? Email her at agita@aureliabox.com.