6 Signs You Need a New Bra

6 Signs You Need a New Bra

Having a good basic bra is so important in our day-to-day. You know the one -- that one bra that you keep reaching for over and over again. The one you wear under work blouses, going out clothes, and almost every other outfit because it is reliable, comfortable, and beautiful.

However, too often we keep wearing these everyday bras past their lifespan because of sheer habit. We keep wearing them even when our bodies have changed.

When this happens, these bras can no longer provide the necessary support and shape that are required to keep you feeling comfortable and secure all day long.

So how do you know if you need a new bra? While there is a no hard and fast rule, the following tell-tale signs are good measures that your bras are old and that they need to be replaced:


1. You wear your bra at the last hook-and-eye clasps and it still feels too loose

A bra band provides 80% of the support that you need. A common issue with old bras is that the band has stretched past your body measurements and as a result, it no longer provides a good base support around your ribcage. 

If you've been wearing your bra at the last hook-and-eye clasp and you can insert more than 2 fingers under your band, it is time to get a new bra!

2. Your cups are stretched out or don't fit

Another common issue is the cups are loosening and no longer provides the coverage you need. This can result from either changes in your body (particularly if you are breastfeeding), or that the bra is simply too worn out that the cups are stretched. If this is your experience, it is time to get a new measument and a new bra!

3. Your straps are loose

If your bra straps keep slipping down your shoulder, there are three possibilities: a.) you need a racerback-style straps because you have narrow shoulders, b.) you need a smaller band which comes with straps that are closer together in proportion, or c.) the elastics have worn out. If you are experiencing option C, then it's a good time to replace that bra with a fresh one.

4. Painful underwire

If your bra's underwire is poking or stabbing you, the gore too tight, or the side boning is cutting your breast tissue, then you need a new bra. In a well-fitting bra, underwires are supposed to provide the support and lift that you need.

However, if the cups are too small, the side boning will cut into your sides (underarm area), the underwire will feel restrictive, and the gore might be floating or pressing tightly against your skin.

These are no-no signs and while that bra size might be your true size in the past, it certainly is not the case anymore and it's time to get resized!

5. Your bra has fine threads poking out from it

Another sign that you need a new bra is when there are fine threads poking out of the band. These signs mean that the fabric is falling apart and the band can no longer provide the support you need. Since 80% of bra support comes from the band, it is crucial to swap this bra right away.

6. The colour has faded

We love a well-fitting everyday bra. But when the colour on your favorite bra has faded, it is time to get a new bra. While faded colour doesn't seem like an important factor in comparison to the other signs, the faded colour simply indicates that you have been washing and wearing this bra so often that it's possible that the other signs are occurring as well!


So, what do you think? Is it time for a new bra? 

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