September Favorites

September Favorites

September brings a lot of changes for a lot of us. Kids are going back to school, (some) of us are going back to the office, and the changing weather calls for a whole new wardrobe.

While we're swapping sundresses for warm sweaters, we'd like to encourage you to try new underthings as well. If you're used to classic, full coverage styles, give sheer/lace pieces a go! and if you're used to lace/sheer pieces, why not try more strappy or satiny pieces?

To inspire you, here are 4 of our stylists' favorites for this month:

1. Corsica Bra Set

"Sheer and straps, we're all for it! This beautiful ink shade by Thistle and Spire is bringing us fall/winter vibe and the beautiful design is guaranteed to make you feel sexy!" - Laura

2. Ivy Full Coverage Bra

"A beautiful bra by Understance, the Ivy brings lace, mesh, and supportive structure to everyday wear. I'm loving the blue coral color and especially that it comes in DDD cups!" - Clare

3. Sierra Mesh Bra Set

"For those who'd like to try a new style, this Sierra bra set is the perfect set to experiment with. Even though it has gold rings, mesh, and straps, it still has quite a bit of coverage to ensure that you're feeling comfortable throughout the day/night." - Casey

4. Heron Glossies Bra Set

"Gossard's latest Glossies Lace collection is my favorite set for this month! It's feminine, unique, and practical for everyday wear. If you're looking for something to look forward to in the morning, this set might be it!" - Agita

Do you love any of the pieces above? If so, simply let your stylist know and they'll arrange for it to be in your next box! Don't have a stylist yet? Start by telling us your preferences!  
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