Reclaiming Our Sexuality with Rashida Ahmed

Reclaiming Our Sexuality with Rashida Ahmed

There is a topic that has been close to our heart since Day One, and that is self love. We're proud to have curated so many lingerie and sleepwear boxes and to have received amazing feedback about how our curated boxes increased self love and self confidence in our clients.

However, as a woman-owned company, we feel that it's important to take a step further and educate women on the importance of self love, self care, self pleasure, and to learn more about our bodies. That's why we've created a free, no commitment, no sign up fee, IGTV mini series to educate all women on topics around female sexuality

To do this, we partnered with Rashida Ahmed, a Toronto-based Sex Educator to go over topics such as:
✨  the basics of self pleasure
✨  the origin of shame and guilt and how to move forward
✨  tips and tricks on how to communicate with your partner 
✨  how to practice self care when you barely have a moment to yourself
and so much more!

To check them out click below:

Episode 1: Self Pleasure and Self Care
Episode 2: Tapping into Greater Pleasure
Episode 3: Reclaiming Our Sexuality
Want to suggest a topic or an expert for our future mini series? Send us a message!
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