No Stress Tips on How to Care for Your Lingerie

No Stress Tips on How to Care for Your Lingerie

Let's face it, each time we google "how to wash lingerie", we're inundated with detailed information from different lingerie detergents to tips on how to wash specific material. While these information are great, sometimes we just want the pared down version that fits our fast paced, "one wash cycle a week" lifestyle.

Since our stylists have received different versions of this same question from our clients as well, we thought it'd be beneficial to round up these easy and quick tips. Check them out below!


1. Always Use a Mesh Lingerie Wash Bag When Machine Washing

If you're already an Aurelia client, you would have already received a mesh lingerie wash bag in your first box. This lingerie wash bag is essential in keeping the shape of your bra, panties, and other lingerie items intact during wash cycles. So make sure to put all your delicates in this bag, but keep in mind to leave some space so that the items can move around during the wash.

Use cold water to ensure longer bra band life span.


2. Clasp Your Bra Hooks Before Washing

When washing, it's best practice to clasp your bra hooks before placing them inside the wash bag. This way, it won't snag on your beautiful lace bodysuit or delicate panties!


3. Lay Them Out to Dry

The best way to dry your lingerie is to put down a towel, and place each piece on top of the towel. Unclasp bra hooks before placing them and let the band rest beside the cups.


4. Put Them in Drawers, Don't Hang Them

To store, avoid hanging them on a clothes hanger. Place each lingerie piece in drawers like how you would store office paperwork: one after the other. Do not fold the bra cups into each other, the cups should stay side by side when storing.

Panties can be rolled or laid out and bodysuits or other delicates can be folded as well. 



If you own lingerie detergent, it's always better to use them instead of your regular Tide Pods, but if you don't own one, don't stress and just use your regular detergent!


and that's it! Hope you've found these tips easy to follow and if you've been thinking of securing a box of your own curated lingerie, let's start by telling us your preferences!

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