July Favorites

July Favorites

Summer is finally here and to prepare you for the best warmer months ahead, we've rounded up some of our stylists' absolute favorite pieces for the month of July. These pieces are beautiful, light, bright, and perfect for summer. Check them out below!

1. Savona Bralette Set

"The cielo color from Cosabella is absolutely gorgeous and we all fell in love with it. The lace is soft and the bralette is supportive. You can find me lounging in this set all summer" - Agita

2. Kane Bra Set

"Turn up your staycation a notch with this bold bra set from Thistle & Spire. The coral shade is just perfect to wear in the summer and the shape is so unique that we haven't found anything else like it in other brands that provide as much support as this one. 10/10!" - Laura

3. Superboost Lace Bra in Electric Blue

"This bold electric blue bra set is my favorite for this month. For smaller cups, it comes with cookies that can be inserted for that extra lift and the feminine allure of this bra set means it can be worn for those special dinners or night outs." - Clare

4. Belmont Cami Set

"I'm a sucker for practical yet beautiful pieces and this cami short set from In Bloom is just the perfect outfit to lounge all day or to sleep in. This set will be my preferred set for the month of July!" - Casey

Do you love any of the pieces above? If so, simply let your stylist know and they'll arrange for it to be in your next box! Don't have a stylist yet? Start by telling us your preferences!  
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