5 Ways to Style Black Lacy Bodysuit

5 Ways to Style Black Lacy Bodysuit

Do you own a black, lacy bodysuit? If you don't currently own one, we'd like to venture a guess that it might be because you're not sure how to style them, when to wear them, or simply haven't found one that feels comfortable on you. That's why in this post, we'll share our stylists' secrets so you can wear beautiful lacy bodysuits in and out of the bedroom.

Originally being worn by dancers, the earlier version of bodysuit, leotard, was founded back in the second half of 19th century by a French gymnast, Jules Leotard. Since then, this body-fitting piece has quickly gained popularity and become a wardrobe staple that is both chic and sexy.

Part of the allures of a bodysuit is its shape that stayed tucked in so there is no  worry of your top looking out of place. It can also double as an undergarment (bra and panty) and a top, which saves time and effort when getting dressed. Paired with the right items, this versatile piece of clothing can be worn for any occasion: from bedroom activities to formal events and everything in between.

Without further ado, here are our stylists' top 5 bodysuit styling tips:

 1. Pair with Black Pants 

You can't go wrong with black on black and so, you can simply pair a black lacy bodysuit with your favorite black pants or black jeans. This look can go a long way from a lunch with your friends to a night out in town. 

2. Wear as a Base for Suits

Bodysuits are a great base to layer on and so pairing it with a blazer and matching pant is definitely a great way to take your formal office attire to a more relaxed setting. If your bodysuit has beautiful details, the best way to flaunt them is to wear it with a plain suit to highlight the feminine details against a more traditional outfit. 

3. Pair with Shorts

If the weather is warmer where you are, pairing your bodysuit with a denim shorts is the simplest, most casual way to style a bodysuit. You can wear this look on a day trip to a winery, to a simple brunch with your friends, or to a casual picnic. Don't forget to bring a blazer just in case the weather gets cooler at night!

4. Wear as a Base for Bolder Items

So far, we've given you tips on how to style your lacy bodysuit to take the center stage but for this look, we'd like to encourage you to wear your bodysuit as a base for bolder items.
This is the perfect time to take out those gold sequined blazer, vintage red jacket, or that bold green and flowery blazer that you purchased that one time and never worn because they're simply "too loud". Your black lacy bodysuit is the perfect base layer for these bolder items as it offers a plain base but with particular details to match its louder, bolder outerwear.

5. Pair with Dramatic Skirts 

Lastly, here's our stylists' favorite way to wear lacy bodysuit outside of the bedroom: pair it with dramatic skirts. Whether it's frilly, shiny, or textured, dramatic skirts and lacy bodysuits can be thrown together at the last minute for a more formal event, with zero effort. New Year's Eve party? Gallery opening? Wedding to attend to? These 2 can be paired that easily!

If you're intrigued and would like to try a bodysuit, simply let your stylist know! If you haven't been paired with a stylist yet, start by telling us your preferences.

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