February Favorites

February Favorites

Whether you're single, in a relationship, or married, February reminds us every year to celebrate and to spread love -- for ourselves and our loved ones. For this month's favorites, we have selected a few pieces that are feminine, daring, beautiful, and fit various shapes and sizes, perfect to complete your Valentine's Day look. Check them out!

1. Stella Chemise

"This chemise from our new brand partner, Flora Nikrooz, is my favorite for February! It comes up to size 3XL, has unique feminine leaf details, and has a relaxed figure that doesn't cut on the waist or under the breast, which makes it perfect for sleeping or lounging." - Laura

2. Ellie Bra Set

"Let's talk about small bras, shall we? As owner of small boobs, I always have such a hard time finding bras that fit well, look feminine, provide ample lift, and an upgrade from tween bras. Well, this Ellie bra set from our new brand partner, The Little Bra Company, checks all the boxes! It's beautiful, elegant, and supports the girls well!" - Casey

3. Maxine Bodysuit

"If you're looking to bring more spice to the bedroom, try Maxine. This beautiful bodysuit with almost no back coverage and an attached garter belt will surprise and delight! Complete the look with a robe that you can untie slowly for a tease ;)" - Clare 

4. Mia Dot Lace Bodysuit

"If you have F+ cups, finding a bodysuit that fits you well can be difficult. This Mia Dot Lace bodysuit from Parfait is a rarity because it fits G+ cups, has removable padding, cute silhouette, and a comfortable thong back." - Agita

Do you love any of the pieces above? If so, simply let your stylist know and they'll arrange for it to be in your next box! Don't have a stylist yet? Start by telling us your preferences!  
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