10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home (under lockdown!)

10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home (under lockdown!)

Even though most of us will be celebrating the upcoming Valentine's Day at home this year, that doesn't mean that we can't share moments of love and do little things to make Valentine's Day special. 

If you don't have anything planned yet, check out our 10 ideas below on how to celebrate Valentine's Day at home:


1. Cook Something New Together


It's no secret that couples need to do something new together once in a while to spice things up. This Valentine's Day, why not go into the kitchen and make a new dish together? Maybe something spicy? maybe something you don't eat often? 

Put on your apron, some music, pour some cocktails, and roll out your sushi mat!


2. Play Board Games with "Risky" Punishments

Dust off your board games and get ready for an epic board game night. Whether it's UNO, Jenga, or Monopoly, board games tend to bring out the inner child in us.

To start, pick a board game that's easy but engaging enough for you and your partner and make up any rule you like. Whoever breaks the rule or loses the game will have to do a favor for the other person. 

With kids at home, this activity is also a good one to do together Once they've been put to bed, you can make the punishments a little bit sexier.


3. Transform Old Space into a New One

What do we miss the most during lockdown? Getting dressed up and going places. But who's to say we can't just simply rearrange our furniture, get dressed up, and experience our old space as a new one? 

You can purchase new table linens, some candles, new lighting or new cushions to create a new atmosphere as well.


4. Build a Fort


We can't say what it is for sure, but there is something in the air when we're feeling safe between the flimsy walls of our blanket that brings out the adventurous side in us. This is also one of the activities you can do with kids around!

To do this activity, grab a blanket, drape it over lamp/chair/table and enjoy your newly built fort together.

Once the kids have all gone to bed, pour a glass of wine and wear your curated lingerie from Aurelia to amp things up ;)


5. No Device Night


It's safe to say that everyone's tired at the end of a long work day, especially if you've been on Zoom/conference calls for a while. A special way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year is to turn off your devices and put all of your attention on you and your partner. Put on some jazz, fill the tub, and enjoy a relaxing time together. 


6. Watch Rom Coms

What's better than watching 50 First Dates? Watching a rerun of 50 First Dates! (or your favorite rom coms)

This can be done from under your newly built fort or after you're done making your new creation from Idea No. 1.


7. Explore New Cocktails

If you've been wanting to make your own cocktails but looking for special occasion to do it, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to try it. It doesn't have to be a complicated one, either. If you don't own a cocktail kit, sangria, mexican mule, or aperol spritz can be good options for cocktails that don't need a lot of effort.

Enjoy with a cheese platter in your lingerie to turn up the heat.

8. Plan a Future Trip (once the pandemic is over)


Plan your future trip complete with all the details and information needed to get there. Pick your accommodation, pick the area you'd like to stay in, list out all of the activities you wanted to do, and the cost of each activity. 

When the pandemic is under control and you both feel safe to travel, you can make the trip happen!


9. Build a Fire (if you have a backyard)


Nothing is more intimate and more comforting than sitting by the fire together while stargazing. If you have kids, they can also join in the fun! Grab some marshmallows and hot cocoa to complete the intimate atmosphere.


10. Wear Your New Lingerie

Last but not least, wear your favorite new lingerie from Aurelia to end the night. We think you know where to take this one ;)


... and if you want us to curate a special surprise lingerie box for you, you can start by filling out our Style Quiz and purchase your preferred box. Then, sit back, relax, and wait for your pretty little pink box to arrive :)

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