The Aurelia Advantages

When you subscribe to our curated lingerie boxes, you can enjoy the following advantages: 
1. Time-Saving
Leave the research to us. Simply tell us your preferences and situation and your dedicated stylist will curate 2-3 pieces of lingerie and sleepwear that are curated to you and your needs.

2. More Money in Your Pocket
By partnering with well-known and upcoming lingerie designers from Canada and around the world, we are able to secure luxury pieces with some savings that we extend to you through our boxes. 

3. Self Care without Hassle
It's easy to forget that lingerie is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we wear before we fall asleep. Wearing beautiful and comfortable lingerie is an act of self care and by subscribing to our service, you can expect a little surprise each month waiting at your doorstep.

4. Privacy
Forget the uncomfortable store fitting rooms. You can now try on different styles of lingeries from the comfort of your own home. Speaking of privacy, our box is designed to be discreet. It is a simple pink box with the letter "a" in front of it so no one else needs to know what's inside.

5. Dedicated Stylist 
Once you've confirmed your order with us, you will be assigned to a stylist. Our stylists will have your Style Quiz result and will learn your preferences overtime as you tell them what you like and dislike. You will also have their direct email addresses so you can converse freely about your needs. Just let them know if you need another bikini panty for next month or a garter set and they will make it happen. 

6. Free Shipping 
With our subscription, your shipping is free and if any of the item doesn't fit you well, simply let your stylist know within 7 days of receiving your box and we'll arrange for a replacement.
Ready to start? First, tell us your preferences!