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Holiday Special: The Naughty and Nice Curated Lingerie Box (Preorder-Only)

Holiday Special: The Naughty and Nice Curated Lingerie Box (Preorder-Only)

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If we know one thing for sure after curating lingerie and sleepwear for thousands of women from Canada to Switzerland, it's that each one of us has a Nice side and a Naughty side.

We want alluring sexy lingerie, but also, a comfortable and cute set. We want black lace, and sheer mesh, but also full coverage, practical pieces.

In our holiday special box, you can get both! This box contains 2 sets of premium lingerie and/or sleepwear, one a "nice" set and the other, a "naughty" set. Both are curated to your preferences by your dedicated stylist and delivered to your doorstep.

This box will be shipped on December 9th, and it's only available for the first 100 people. 

This package includes the following:

  • One Naughty Set + One Nice Set of premium lingerie and sleepwear, curated to your preferences
  • Your choice of gift (Drunk in Love Card Set OR an Unwind Pamper Set)
  • A dedicated stylist
  • Free Shipping (for Canada)
  • Free Bra Fitting Kit:
    • How to Measure Your Bra Size
    • Sister Size Chart
    • Common Issues and Solutions
    • A lingerie wash bag
    • a tape measure


Gift Option 1: Unwind Pamper Set

Calm, Cool and Collected. If that's the feeling you crave, the unwind box is for you. Relaxing and Restful combinations of Lavender, Orange and Ylang Ylang wrap you in a soothing experience.

1. Lavender Orange Salt Soak
2. Lavender Orange Hand Lotion
3. Lavender Orange Bath Bomb
4. Mini Calm Balm

Gift Option 2: Drunk In Love Couples Drinking Game

With 99 unique, daring, and hilarious playing cards, you and your partner will put your relationship to the ultimate test. This will be a night to remember! Or Forget!

    How to play: Drunk in Love is simple. There are 2 players: you and your partner. Each of you alternate drawing a card. If you draw an Or Drink card, you must do what it says or drink. If you draw a Drink If card, the card applies to both you and your partner, so whoever relates to it must drink.  

    The Original Drunk in Love card game includes 100 playing cards:

    • 53 Or Drink cards (apply only to the person who draws it)

    • 46 Drink If cards (apply to both partners)

    • 1 Rule Card 


    Size: XS-4XL, Bra Cups: A-M

    Ready to start? Let's begin by telling us your preferences.

    Find out why we have 5/5 Client Ratings!

    How to Order

    Step 1: Take our Style Quiz

    Step 2: Pick your gift and complete your order 

    Step 3: Meet your stylist! (via email) 

    Your Stylist will pick out your Naughty and Nice pieces for you, pack them, and send them to your doorstep. 

    Step 4: Sit back, relax, and even forget about this box until it comes to you as a surprise in December!


    P.S.: Display photos are examples of possible lingeries that we include in our boxes. We can't guarantee the availability of specific lingerie items due to the seasonal collections of each brand.


     1. What are some of the examples of the Naughty and Nice Box pieces?

    With this box, we'll curate 2 sets of lingerie for you according to your Style Quiz results. One an everyday set and the other one, a bolder set. 

    Examples can be viewed in our pictures.


    2. When will this box ship? 

    The Naughty and Nice Box will be shipped on December 9th from our Toronto office. 


    3. Can I pick what I'd like for the Naughty set and the Nice set?

    Yes, you can. In the Style Quiz, you can specify the types of lingerie or sleepwear that you'd like for each set. You can also select the colour themes that you prefer. Then, your dedicated stylist will curate your box based on your Style Quiz result.


    4. I'm an existing subscriber. How do I go about purchasing this Naughty and Nice Box?

    To preorder the Naughty and Nice Box, you can simply complete your purchase by selecting "Add to Cart" and checking out from your cart. This box won't interfere with your current subscription schedule.

    5. What happens if one of the items doesn't fit me well?

    If something doesn't fit you well, we allow for an exchange as long as it is reported to us within 7 days of your box being delivered. Simply email your stylist, and we'll take care of it!

    However, please note that due to the high volume of shipments experienced by all shipping providers during holiday time, we can't guarantee that your replacement item will arrive before Christmas.


    Still have questions? Please contact us.

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