April Favorites

April Favorites

April has sprung! While it hasn't felt quite like it this week, we are hopeful the weather will get warmer soon and we'll see those early blooms in no time!

To celebrate Spring, we've picked 4 pieces that we absolutely love for this month. From floral patterns, soft lace, and comfy PJ, we are not leaving anything behind.

Check them out below:

1. Luna Bra Set

"This set from Playful Promises is the very representation of Spring. Flowers and pastels and mesh, putting this on makes me feel like I'm turning into a flower goddess!" - Laura

2. Wanderlust Bra Set

"My favorite for this month is the Wanderlust balconette bra set from Montelle. Montelle has always been known for their soft lace and their impeccable structure. Now paired with beautiful Spring-inspired color, this set is just the perfect one for this month." - Agita

3. Celine PJ Set

"Even though the weather is getting warmer by the day, I am always cold! So my favorite for this month is this PJ set from Midnight Bakery. It is beautiful, comfortable, and soft, perfect for lounging." - Casey

4. Alvara Plum Lace Bra Set

"I'm a sucker for flirty and feminine style, so my favorite for this month is this Alvara bra set from Hustler in the beautiful plum color. With underwire and soft lace details, this set can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood." - Clare

Do you love any of the pieces above? If so, simply let your stylist know and they'll arrange for it to be in your next box! Don't have a stylist yet? Start by telling us your preferences!  
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