How Women Founders Around The World Practice Self Care

How Women Founders Around The World Practice Self Care

When the world is moving too fast all around us, we turn inward to seek peace and clarity. However, it's not always easy to find the time to do so when everything seems to scream "me first!". 

We've rounded up some tips from women founders all around the world for their go-to self care routine to calm and ground themselves in the midst of everything that's going on all around us. Check them out below!


"I’m a little bit of a control freak. When i have something important to do the next day, I used to have trouble sleeping because my brain would keep on thinking of what may go wrong the next day. It got really unhealthy I was constantly thinking about work, waking up in the middle of the night and I couldn't enjoy my day. To solve this I realized that I needed to structure the clutter in my mind by creating a to do list for the next day before I go to bed. 

At the same time, I realize that I also need to accept that there will be things that you can't control, you can’t be right all the time, right? So if things do go wrong, I will need the strength and wisdom to handle it gracefully, and learn from it. I can only do that by praying."

- Amanda, Founder of Terartai (Jakarta, Indonesia)


"Everyday after lunch I take a 15-20 minute walk. The first half of the walk my mind is racing with things I need to do. That’s when I tune into my surroundings by naming three sensations out loud that I’m experiencing in that moment: the breeze on my skin, the sound of the stream, the panting of my dog, etc. By the time I get back, I feel relaxed, and if there was a decision I was grappling with, I know what to do."

- Sierra, Founder of Creative Edge Travel (Georgia, USA)


"To calm myself, I do yoga in the morning (outside if it’s warm and dry enough), dance to my favorite music, forest bathing (breathing, feeling and connecting with nature and the energies), and go longboarding (my meditation at the moment)."

- Delia Borowiak, Founder of Delia Borowiak Coaching (Berlin, Germany)


"I love doing yoga when I'm feeling super tense or need to wind down for a bit."

- Silvia Pinho, Founder, VA & Social Media Manager of Silvia Pinho (Setúbal, Portugal)


"Early morning gym was good for me for stress and anxiety. It’s also kick starts the day. Now I train at home and go for walks listening to positive podcast. I also use sleep hypnosis and meditate on and off."

- Vandhana Patel, Founder of The Dietologist (Solihull, UK)


"Catching up by video call or phone call to speak with my friends or family always brings me joy and I try to message or call someone who makes me smile at least once a day."

- Cassandra Hui, Founder of Heal Mary (Vancouver, BC)


“I really like to practice yoga every day before starting my work in the afternoon. It gives me a sense of relaxation and it taught me to let go, thanks to yoga. After work, I like to have a glass of wine and  think about my day, my life, and my goals for the future, and how I can do that in the best way.”

-Lucrezia, Founder of Opera in The Kitchen (San Casciano Val di Pesa, Italy)


As you can see, self care doesn't have to be expensive or a hassle. These women founders have taught us that self care can be something that's incorporated into your daily routine, seamlessly, everyday.

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How about you? how do you practice self care?

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