Picking the Right Lingerie Color for Your Skin Tone

Picking the Right Lingerie Color for Your Skin Tone

Lingerie is as close of a clothing as it can get to your skin. So, whether you have 50 pairs of lingerie or 5, one of the most important part of picking a lingerie is to make sure that the colors you pick complement your skin tone.

Without further ado, let's check out our stylists' cheat sheet that you can put to practice right away!


Step 1: Determine your skin tone

To determine your skin tone, we recommend using a plain white piece of paper. Hold the paper up to your face and compare how your skin looks in contrast to the paper.

If your skin looks yellowish, greenish, or light brown, then you likely have a warm skin tone. If your skin looks pink, rosy, or blue, then you have a cool skin tone. If your skin looks gray or ashen, then you have a neutral skin tone.


Step 2: Vein Color Check

For this step, flip your palm up and look at your veins in the hand and wrist. If your veins appear to be blue or purple, you have cool skin. If they appear green, then you have warm skin. If it's hard to tell one way or the other what color they favor, then you have neutral skin.

Step 3: Sun Reaction

This step is simply answering the question of "How does your skin react to the sun?"

People who tan easily instead of burn usually have warm skin tones. People who burn rather than tan usually have cool skin tones, although sometimes women with dark ebony skin that doesn't burn can also have cool undertones. People who are neutral may fall into either group with regards to tanning or burning, but neutrals will not have any obvious appearance of olive, yellow, or ruddy skin.



If you have Cool Skin Tone:

Your best colors are on the cool end of the spectrum. Emerald green, deep purples, shades of lavender, ice blue, or pink would look great on you.

For warmer colors, you can pick something of rosy red, or pale yellows.

With neutrals, you can rock cool gray, bright white, and navy.

Try to avoid orange, tomato red, and strong yellows, which can clash with your skin completely.


If you have Warm Skin Tone:

If you've got warm skin tones, the best colors are from the warm side of the color wheel. Red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold, and yellow would look great on you! You would also look great when you wear "warmer" versions of cool colors, like olive, deep green, orchid pink, and deep red. Neutrals that are best for you include taupe, cappuccino, cream, and mushroom gray.

Avoid chilly colors like icy blues because they can wash you out and make your skin look gray.

If you have Neutral Skin Tone:

As a neutral, you can wear anything on the color wheel — but it's typically best to go for softened or muted versions of a color instead of the brighter ones. Choose colors like dusty pink, jade green, deeper blue. For neutral colors, turn to off-whites, coffee, mid-range grays, and black.

Oversaturated colors like electric blue and magenta can overwhelm your neutral skin tone, but there's one big exception to this: never be afraid to wear a bright, true red — you will look amazing.

Colors that look good on everyone:

There's a handful of colors that will look great on any skin tone because they provide a perfect balance of warm and cool that won't clash with your skin. Check them out below:

  • Pure white 
  • Blush pink 
  • Teal 
  • Eggplant purple


One thing to add here is that just because you have fair skin, that doesn't mean you have cool skin tone and similarly, just because you have darker skin, that doesn't mean you have warm skin tone.

For example, actresses Mindy Kaling and Lupita Nyong'o have cool skin tone, whereas Claire Danes and Lucy Liu have warm skin tone. It all depends on the three-step test we've outlined above!


Once you've done them, let your stylist know and we'll make sure to take your skin tone into consideration when curating your box!

Don't have a stylist yet? let's start by filling out our Style Quiz! Once you're finished with the Style Quiz and have completed your order, your stylist will reach out to you!

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