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The Best Pieces According to Our Stylists

Have you noticed that there have been a lot more ads about lingerie and loungewear lately? They are there in your Instastories, Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, websites that you visit, they are everywhere! With technology and research being taken into account to create new pieces and with so many companies pivoted to selling loungewear and bralettes, we are glad that there have been a lot more options and innovation in the lingerie field than ever before. However, with so many ads targeting us everyday, how do we know which pieces are actually comfortable, supportive, keep their shape for a long time, and fulfill our needs? As stylists, it is both our job and our passion to look for the best pieces in the...

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No Stress Tips on How to Care for Your Lingerie

Let's face it, each time we google "how to wash lingerie", we're inundated with detailed information from different lingerie detergents to tips on how to wash specific material. While these information are great, sometimes we just want the pared down version that fits our fast paced, "one wash cycle a week" lifestyle. Since our stylists have received different versions of this same question from our clients as well, we thought it'd be beneficial to round up these easy and quick tips. Check them out below!   1. Always Use a Mesh Lingerie Wash Bag When Machine Washing If you're already an Aurelia client, you would have already received a mesh lingerie wash bag in your first box. This lingerie wash bag is essential...

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